Indramat made some of the toughest, most durable, and most reliable motion control products you could buy. While Indramat products haven’t been produced in almost 20 years, countless Indramat systems still operate across the globe. Nothing lasts forever, though. It might be time to service your Indramat DKC01.1-040-7-FW drive.

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A look at DKC01.1-040-7-FW drives

DKC drives are a part of Indramat’s iconic Ecodrive family. These drives are versatile, overbuilt, and provide the most bang for your buck when it comes to industrial motion control. Here’s a quick break down of the DKC01.1-040-7-FW type code.

  • “DKC” indicates that the drive is in the DKC family type.
  • “01” means that this drive was a first series drive.
  • “.1” means version 1.
  • “040” lets you know that the drive has a current rating of 40 amperes.
  • “7” is the function identification.
  • “FW” at the end of the type code means that the firmware for the DKC01.1-040-7-FW drive was sold separately.

Not just any drive will do

These are the specifications for this particular type of DKC drive. When replacing your servo drive, you must find one that matches the type code exactly. If you don’t find an exact match, you risk unscheduled downtime, potential damage to your machine, and compromised safety.

If you buy a replacement DKC01.1-040-7-FW drive through us, you have nothing to worry about. We are Indramat specialists with years of knowledge and experience. We will provide you with a replacement Indramat drive that is an exact match for your current DKC drive.

Be cautious when buying a replacement Indramat drive from typical third-party suppliers. If they’re advertising a DKC01.1 replacemetn drive, there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be a match with your DKC01.1-040-7-FW drive.

An easy way to avoid any potential compatibility issues is through Indramat factory repair. Trained technicians who specialize in Indramat systems will ensure that your current drive is in good working order.

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