Do You Need OEM Parts?

Sometimes there’s little difference between name brand products and their generic counterparts. If you’re in the grocery store looking for contact solution or a mild pain reliever, by all means, take the generic route. When the difference between products is imperceptible, and the price difference doesn’t reflect the difference in quality, the generic option is usually fine. But what about industrial motion control systems? Can you use generic replacement parts, or do you need OEM parts?

How important is your system?

Inexpensive household goods won’t cause a lot of problems if they don’t work properly. If the generic headache medicine isn’t as good as the name brand stuff, you just suffer through it and buy the good stuff next time. If the soap doesn’t clean your dishes, you scrub them a little harder.

Industrial motion control systems are expensive and important, however, and problems with your factory machines can end up catastrophic and costly.

Your system’s performance hinges on everything working precisely the way that it should, and if you try to save a few bucks by cutting corners you’re going to need the good headache medicine.

When performance is of the utmost importance, you need the right – and the best – part for the job.

OEM parts are the right part for the job

If you need a repair or a replacement part for your Indramat system, you really need original Indramat products. It’s possible that you could get good performance from a generic part, but are you willing to roll the dice?

Third-party repair shops don’t have access to original parts — Indrmat parts are not available on the open market. We provide factory repair and reman, and we always uses original Indramat parts. This means that you get peace of mind knowing you have the right part for the job, and your unit comes back to you with a new factory warranty.

Your business is too important to take a gamble on a patch job using generic parts. Contact us today for Indramat repair, maintenance and service done the right way.