Do They Still Make Indramat Motors?

You have a couple of options if your Indramat servo motor burns out: you can repair your servo, or you can replace it. Indramat servo motor repair is simple and straightforward assuming that you don’t try to do it yourself or go to a generic third party servo repair shop. A factory repair is the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to fix your broken Indramat motors. Sometimes a motor cannot be repaired, or you’d simply prefer to buy a replacement. While Indramat motors are no longer manufactured, you can still find replacement Indramat servos.

Indramat motors are legacy.

You’ve seen “Rexroth Indramat”, and you know that Bosch Rexroth still manufactures motion control products. They even have an IndraDrive series of servo drives that pays homage to the Indramat name. Bosch Rexroth does not make Indramat servos anymore, however. These motors are legacy. Every Indramat motor that will ever exist already exists.

It can be difficult to find legacy components. If someone scraps a legacy servo motor, that’s one less servo in the global supply. This is one of the reasons why factory repair is such a desirable option. Not only does a factory repair restore your existing unit to like new condition, it also avoids any difficulties in finding a replacement motor.

We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat motion control systems. We have refurbished Indramat motors that are as good as new.

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If your your servo fails call us for immediate support. As Indramat specialists we can ensure that you receive the correct unit and support that you need to get your system running again.

We can also arrange Indramat factory repair. Factory repair restores your motor to the same specifications it left the factory with when it was new. All factory repaired units comes back to you with a new factory warranty.