If your Indramat DKC02.1-040-7-FW drive stops working, you need to make sure that you get the right replacement. The Ecodrive family was a very popular Indramat drive type, and there are several different series, versions, and power ratings. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the type codes for these different drives, however. If you replace your Indramat DKC02.1-040-7-FW drive with the wrong drive type, you could face extra downtime and expense. We recommend a couple of options to ensure that you get an exact replacement for your DKC drive.

Contact Indramat professionals

DKC drive type codes are very similar, and it’s sometimes difficult to catch a slight variance in a product code.

Here’s a quick look at a few different drive types:

  • DKC01.1-040-7-FW
  • DKC02.1-040-7-FW
  • DKC01.3-040-7-FW
  • DKC02.3-040-7-FW
  • DKC03.3-040-7-FW
  • DKC21.3-040-7-FW

It’s possible for anyone to miskey or misread a type code. The likelihood of these mistakes happening increases substantially if the person isn’t entirely familiar with Indramat motion control systems.

You also come across people who abbreviate an Indramat type code. You might only get bits and pieces of information for the products. Buying Indramat from third parties who do not specialize in Indramat motion control systems is always a gamble.

Calling trained Indramat specialists is the best way to ensure that you get an exact replacement for your defective drive.

Repair your unit

There’s an easy way to eliminate the potential for compatibility issues altogether. Keep using your original Indramat drive. A factory repair or a remanufacture can bring new life to your Indramat drive. This maximizes your ROI and prevents downtime that may result from replacing your drive with an incompatible unit.

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You should call the experts whether you choose to repair or replace your Indramat DKC02.1-040-7-FW drive. We have replacement DKC02.1-040-7-FW drives in stock, and we offer Indramat factory repair with 24-hour turnaround. Whichever option you choose, we will make sure that you have the exact drive that you need for your motion control system.

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