Choosing the Right Replacment MHD Motor

Indramat MHD servo motors are maintenance-free little powerhouses. You can find these servos spinning in factory machines used in packaging and handling, machine tooling, textiles, and printing. While these motors seldom fail, you may eventually need a repair or a replacement MHD motor. Indramat products are all legacy units, which means that replacing your Indramat servos isn’t quite as straightforward as it used to be. The fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to restore your Indramat system is by calling 479-422-0390 for professional support.

MHD motors aren’t interchangeable.

Your replacement MHD motor must have a type code that exactly matches the original motor. In other words, you can’t replace your MHD041B-144-NG0-UN motor with an MHD041B-144-NG1-UN motor. Instead, you must replace your original motor with one of an identical type code.

This seems like a no-brainer, but the process is often more difficult than you’d expect.

There are literally hundreds of different types of MHD motors that come in various sizes, with or without holding brakes, and with different feedback configurations, output shaft types, and cooling methods.

Sometimes products are miskeyed into a system, or type codes are misread during sorting, shipping, or loading. Sometimes third party’s just don’t know what they’re looking at.

MHD motors are legacy units

Indramat products haven’t been manufactured in thirty years. New Indramat motors simply don’t exist. You can find factory repaired and refurbished Indramat servo motors, however. These motors are often better than new. However, you must be careful where you get your repaired and refurbished units from.

Indramat never authorized third party repair shops

There’s no such thing as an authorized Indramat third party repair shop, and third party shops don’t have access to original parts. This means third parties typically perform repairs with salvaged parts, generic equivalent parts, or whatever is on hand.

Only units repaired and remanufactured by Bosch Rexroth have access to OEM Indramat parts and components.

Factory repair is fast, easy, and reliable

Replacing your MHD motor with anything other than an exact match in good working condition leads to additional downtime and repair costs.

We can help you get the exact MHD replacement motor you need; we have the largest supply of Indramat emergency replacement units in the nation. However, you can skip any potential compatibility issues altogether with a factory repair.

Indramat factory repair restores your original unit to like new condition. All factory repaired units return to your factory with a one or two year factory warranty. Call 479-422-0390 to arrange a factory repair with a 24-hour turnaround.