Can You Use Generic Parts to Repair Indramat Products?

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Sometimes you can get by using generic equivalent parts; this isn’t the case for repairing Indramat products, however. The Indramat manual states it clearly — “only use spare parts approved by the manufacturer”. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support.

Why can’t you use generic parts for Indramat repair?

It’s technically possible to replace worn Indramat parts with generic equivalent parts. However, we highly discourage using generic parts. Generic parts aren’t designed specifically for Indramat systems.

Using generic parts compromises the performance of your machinery, it increases the risk of system failure and downtime, and it puts operators in danger.

Where can you get authentic Indramat products?

Indramat, now Bosch Rexroth, does not provide replacement parts to third parties. Restricting access to parts allows the company to maintain Indramat’s reputation for quality and reliability — they don’t allow third parties to use their parts to do inexpert repairs.

While this helps reduce the number of low quality Indramat repairs, it doesn’t deter all third parties.

You must be cautious when purchasing Indramat parts because Indramat does not sell replacement parts to third parties. They are either falsely advertised as Indramat products when they are in fact generic parts, or they were stripped from a different unit.

Salvaged parts aren’t necessarily prone to failure, but it’s difficult to know the part’s history or condition when buying from a generic third party.

Indramat factory repair is your safest option

You can’t service Indramat products properly in the field. Repairing Indramat products requires specialized training, experience, and specific equipment. While it may seem as though finding a cheap replacement part and trying the repair in house is the most economical option, this rarely turns out to be true.

We typically find that DIY repairs or third party Indramat repairs take longer, result in additional repairs and downtime, and they usually end with a call to Indramat professionals.

Skip a few steps and save yourself time, money, and frustration. Call Indramat professionals at the first sign of trouble. An Indramat factory repair is the safest, most convenient, most reliable, and most cost-effective option when your system needs repair.

We offer Indramat factory repair with 24 hour turnaround. Contact us online, or call 479-422-0390 for emergency Indramat support.