Can Robots Save Us From Global Warming?

You either love robots, or you hate robots. There’s the camp that loathes automation and industrial robots because they believe that machines will replace the hardworking, yet inefficient, working class. Then there are those whose eyes light up at any mention of automation because robots are cool, and they love how robots make our lives easier.

But regardless of your personal feelings towards robots, there is no denying that robots can do some truly incredible things. Robots make work safer and easier for humans, they make manufacturing more affordable, and they standardize production, making the finished product more consistent. Robots can even save the world…

You probably knew that automation makes work easier for humans, more affordable for employers, and makes products more reliable for consumers, but how can robots save the world? Aren’t they going to steal our jobs and eventually rebel against the oppressive human overlords?

Robots are often associated with the extinction of mankind thanks to science fiction, but you don’t often hear mention of robots being responsible for saving mankind. However, a new theory suggests that we can use robots to help protect the world from global warming.

So what’s the plan? We use an electromagnetic cannon to launch 16 trillion robots into space from a mountain top to create an artificial cloud that would filter 2%-4% of the suns rays, bringing the Earth back to its climate before robots and industrial machinery.

The idea might sounds incredibly wacky and far-fetched, but this concept is theoretically plausible, and according to BBC, space sunshades have support from the Royal Society, NASA, the European Union, and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Man’s attempts to fiddle with nature have had some less than favorable results in the past, the world’s largest solar farm/bird fryer and the unknown effects of cloud seeding and weather modification being just a couple. But technology has also done some wonderful things. Who knows? Maybe a giant umbrella made of robots to block out the sun could be just what humanity needs.