Buy Indramat on eBay?

Grilled cheese, cornflakes, mummified birds, hair, what can’t you buy on eBay? Well if you can buy anything on that list you know you can buy Indramat drives, servos, and controls from eBay. A quick search for “Indramat” brings up over 25,000 results.

You can buy virtually anything on eBay, Indramat included. Should you, however, buy Indramat on eBay?

Discount servos

If you start browsing eBay to buy Indramat, you might think you’ve made the right decision. There are lots of options to peruse. Often the prices are considerably lower than what you would plan on paying if you bought that same item new or refurbished. Discount servos sound sweet, right?

Before you make that bid, you should think about a few things first:

  • Is that servo motor you’re about to buy complete? Are there parts missing? Do you have the software required to to run it? You might need much more than just the part you’re about to purchase.
  • How do you know that “New” really means new? Often times there are legacy units, no longer being made, that are still sold as new. You wouldn’t think that “New” would be such a subjective word.
  • If you’re buying a refurbished unit, it can be hard to know where the seller got the replacement parts from. You can’t get parts directly from Indramat, since they no longer exist. Bosch-Rexroth doesn’t sell parts. For OEM parts, you have to get the repair done in the factory.
  • How long will it last? The items you’re browsing should last decades. So what do you do if it fizzles out after only a year? That seller’s 14-day return policy doesn’t do much for you. It looked like you saved big on that purchase, but it’s going to end up costing you.
  • Suppose you luck out and find a legitimate deal. You got a good price, your ducks are in a row. Everything is fine and dandy. 5-7 business days later your new equipment arrives. Now what? That machinery you’re trying to replace could be older than you. Are you sure you know how to put it all back together?

You can gamble with eBay, but that’s really not the best option. We bring you a new or factory refurbished unit, still in the box. It doesn’t seem like much of a decision, really.