Are Indramat Servos The Same As Other Servos?

A rose is a rose, but not all servos are the same. Indramat servo motors don’t fail very often. When they do fail, however, you can’t just call in any random handyman with a wrench. The differences between Indramat servos and other types of servo motors, and the importance of precision and accuracy to motion control, mean that you need an Indramat specialist to repair your Indramat servos.

For 50 years, Indramat made some of the greatest industrial motion control components that you could buy. Indramat servos are versatile, economical, and dependable, but they can also be difficult to service. Even if you find someone who dabbles in servo repair, they probably won’t have the knowledge, skill, and experience to service Indramat servos.

All Indramat components must be repaired and serviced by Indramat specialists.

The first thing that you must do when your servos stop working is identify the error code. Many Indramat error codes can be resolved without needing a repair. Updating the software, replacing a defective cable, or even just hitting the reset button can sometimes fix the error.

People who don’t specialize in Indramat servos won’t know how to troubleshoot Indramat servo error codes. Even if you have a good understanding of mechanics, you won’t understand how to clear Indramat error codes if you don’t work on Indramat systems.

Because Indramat servos are different from other types of servos, third party repairs are often risky. We often see workarounds like duct tape and soldering on servos that have been handled by third party servo repair shops. Fixes like these may offer a temporary fix, but they can cause a lot of problems.

They compromise the safety of your machinery, which puts your employees in danger. Inadequate repairs sacrifice efficiency and accuracy, both of which are essential to motion control. Low-quality repairs also end up costing more money in the long run.

Indramat factory repair and Indramat reman

The most reliable, most convenient, and most cost effective way to fix Indramat servos is through a factory repair or remanufacture. Indramat factory repair and reman are performed by Indramat specialists. This guarantees a quality repair the first time.

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