A Look at Indramat MDD Motors

Indramat MDD motors

The modular design of Indramat motion control systems allows you to find the perfect configuration for your specific needs. Indramat made a wide range of servo motors, drives, controls, and power supplies — each product had its own advantages. When paired with Indramat controllers, Indramat MDD AC servo motors allow for responsive, cost-effective automation.

Indramat MDD motor applications

MDD motors excel in packaging, tooling, textiles, printing, robotics, and handling. These motors deliver exceptional accuracy, even at high feedrates, which you see demonstrated especially well with cutting or screwing applications.

All Indramat MDD motors are compatible with Indramat DDS and DKS servo drives.

The MDD motor series is versatile, powerful, and compact. These servo motors come in nine different rotor diameters: 021, 025, 041, 065, 071, 090, 093, 112, and 115.

Each motor provides different continuous torques and speeds to accommodate a range of applications.

Compact power

MDD021, MDD025, and MDD041 motors from the series pack a lot of power into a low-profile construction. This makes them ideal for screwing, auxiliary axes, and tool changing.

Dynamic motion control

Some motion control applications require quick bursts of power. For highly-dynamic actions such as punching, pressing, nibbling, and tool changing devices, MDD065, MDD071 MDD093, and MDD115 motors are the way to go.

Pinpoint precision

Precision always matters when it comes to motion control. However, some applications require the utmost precision. When there’s no margin for error you want either the MDD090 or MDD112 AC servo motor.

MDD motor repair, factory reman, or replacement

Because of their construction, the MDD series of Indramat servo motors are practically maintenance free. Permanent rare-earth or iron oxide magnets, brushless motor design, and life-time lubricated bearings reduce wear and tear on the motors.

Of course, your motor may need repair or replacement after a few decades of reliable use. What machine doesn’t?

We repair Indramat legacy motors — including MDD motors — and we have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the United States. We also provide factory REMAN, which comes with a factory warranty, and we offer factory repair with a 24-hour turnaround.

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