6 Reasons Robots Make Better Workers than Humans

When we think about the possibility of robots taking over human jobs, we usually think of it from the human worker’s viewpoint. Will this cause problems for us? Will we lose our jobs? What will we do instead? It’s all about us. But if we want to be fair about the question, we have to admit that there are some good things about robot workers.

1. Robots never get sick. They don’t need health insurance or sick days. They don’t get tired. They don’t have bad backs. They don’t even need vaccinations.

2. Robots don’t ask for a paycheck. They don’t want benefits, either, or coffee breaks, or windows. Robots never ask for raises, promotions, holidays, vacation days, or bonuses.

3. Robots don’t mind the monotony of boring work or irritating tasks that humans find demeaning and would rather not do. You can program robots to do repetitive, boring work, and they will do that job without complaint as long as they have electricity.

4. Robots do not become distracted by talking on the phone or getting coffee from the break room.┬áRobots don’t feel emotions, so they don’t have interpersonal dramas or reactions to work events or even world events.

5. Robots can be programmed for specialized jobs that require precision and expertise that not all humans have. And while machine learning may be important and beneficial in the future, right now robots can simple be programmed, saving time required to train human beings.

6. Robots are always trustworthy. They don’t have their own agendas and they never put their own interests ahead of the interests of the company where they work.


Still, robots and the drive and control systems they rely on to function may need support and service. They don’t last forever — though Indramat systems may seem as though they will. We often see Indramat units that have been in service for decades.

At some point, however, it’s time for repair or reman. Be smarter than the machines and choose factory repair or reman. You’ll get your unit back as good as new, or even better since the technology has probably improved since you first invested in your Indramat systems. You’ll even get a new warranty!

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