5 Common Indramat EcoDrive Fault Codes

Problems with Indramat motion control systems don’t happen very often. This is a good thing, but it can make it difficult to know what to do when an Indramat error code does occur. Here are five common Indramat EcoDrive fault codes, and what you need to know to clear them as quickly as possible.

F219 Motor Overtemperature Shutdown

You see this fault code whenever your motor gets too hot. This typically occurs around 150 degrees Celsius. Your drive will stops in order to prevent damage to the system. The most common cause of an F219 error is an overloaded motor.

F860 Overcurrent: Short in Powerstage

When the current in the transistor bridges doubles the peak drive current your drive will stop, and you will see an F860 error. This may be caused by a short circuit in your motor cable, a defect in your drive controller, or the wrong current regulator parameters.

F229 Motor Encoder Error: Quadrant Error

The most common cause of an F229 error is a defective encoder cable. This error may also be caused by interference, a bad motor encoder cable, or a defective drive controller

F248 Low Battery Voltage

F248 messages aren’t necessarily common, but they are certainly predictable. Predictable, that is, if you’ve been keeping track of when you replaced your Indramat battery. The batteries last roughly 10 years, and you will see this message once the battery voltage drops below 2.8 volts.

You have roughly 2 weeks to change your battery once an F248 message appears. We can supply the new battery you need.

F234 Emergency Stop

Many different things can trigger an emergency stop. Your Indramat manual basically tells you that the remedial action for this error is to fix whatever caused the problem.

This information is pretty useless if you don’t know what caused the problem, however.

How to fix any error code

There’s a simple trick that will help you clear any and all Indramat EcoDrive fault codes. Grab your phone and call 479-422-0390 for immediate support.

Most faults and errors have several possible causes. While the manual lists the causes in order of likelihood, going down the list of remedial actions and struggling through each process wastes time and costs your business money.

We can help you clear your errors as quickly as possible, and we can let you know if they require additional support or a factory repair. We’re successful in troubleshooting most Indramat EcoDrive fault codes directly over the phone. We also have charter flights available when you need on-site support fast. Call 479-422-0390 now.