3 Ways to Save Through Indramat Factory Repair

What do you do if your motion control system stops working? Indramat factory repair is one of the best things that you can do for faulty Indramat servo motors, drives, and controls. Factory repair is the most efficient, economical, and sustainable option to get your motion control system up and running again.

Save time

Trying to repair Indramat components on your own is a lost cause. Fixing industrial motion control systems requires specialized knowledge, skill, and experience. DIY servo repair is going to cause headaches, frustration, and waste lots of time and money.

Hiring a third party for servo repair may seem like a good alternative, but this route can also waste time and money. Indramat (now Bosch Rexroth) doesn’t authorize third party repair shops, and does not provide repair or replacement parts to third parties. Third part repair almost always takes longer and often results in extra downtime.

Indramat factory repair takes as little as 24 hours, your repair is completed correctly the first time, and you get a new factory warranty for your unit.

Save money

Indramat factory repair is the single most economical option when it comes to repairing your machinery. It’s significantly less expensive than upgrading your entire system, and it’s also more affordable than buying a new Indramat part. Downtime costs typically outweigh the cost of a repair, so getting a repair done quickly and correctly is key in reducing cost.

A factory repair maximizes your ROI, and reduces downtime and hardware costs.

Save waste

Sustainable living extends beyond the choices you make at home or in the grocery store. Living a sustainable lifestyle means applying the Rs of sustainability — reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, rethink,  repair, and repurpose — whenever possible. When you fix what you have, you eliminate the need for extra resources. There’s less waste and you use less materials.

So a factory repair doesn’t just make sense financially and logistically, it’s also the responsible thing to do.

Fixing what you already have makes a lot of sense. Call 479-422-0390 to arrange an Indramat factory repair. We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.