3 Ways to Improve Factory Safety

Worker safety and factory safety have to be top of mind in today’s factories. Fortunately, most manufacturers take safety in the workplace seriously. But you can’t just slap some rules up on the wall, pop in a 30-minute training video for new workers, and hope for the best. Promoting a safe work environment should be an ongoing process for manufacturers. Once you have safety protocols and guidelines in place you must see to it that they’re being followed to prevent accidents or injuries. Here are three simple ways that you can help promote factory safety.

Constant safety training

You, of course, need to thoroughly train new employees. That goes without saying. However, regardless of how thorough introductory training is workers need regular refreshers on safety protocols. An employee who has been around for 15+ years probably doesn’t remember everything that was on that 30-minute training video watched on his first day. Also, he probably has settled into his own way of doing things, and there’s no telling how far that way has strayed from protocol. It’s not that he’s a rebel trying to break factory safety rules, but over time little tweaks and shortcuts may have permeated his work.

Frequent safety training and refreshers can help ensure workers follow protocol and develop safe habits.

Emphasize safety

Knowing the rules and following the rules are two different beasts. Many workers know that they need to wear safety glasses yet choose not to. Maybe they think they’re skilled enough not to wear safety equipment, maybe they don’t like the way it looks, or maybe they don’t take safety seriously. It’s important to foster a safe work environment in the factory, and emphasize safety.

Make sure that employees know that safety isn’t a suggestion. Keep a clean work area, display safety protocols, make safety equipment mandatory, and don’t cut corners. Also, celebrate safety successes. Be sure to let workers know that safety is important enough to fuss over.

Maintain machinery and equipment

Proper training and adhering to the safety code are vital in keeping workers out of harms way. But even a well trained worker can get injured by a malfunctioning machine. Make sure that your factory machinery is working properly. Industrial machinery – which greatly improves worker safety – can actually make a work environment more dangerous.

A worker misusing a machine, or ignoring safety protocol, obviously puts the worker at risk of injury. A factory machine that isn’t working properly can cause accidents or injury, as well.

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