11 Things to Love About Robots

Robots get a lot of hate. People reject automation for fear that robots will take away jobs from hardworking humans. Some taunt, tease, or verbally abuse digital assistants. There are even cases of people attacking innocent robots. It’s easy for people to get caught up in feelings of fear and anxiety over robots. Many forget that automation is essential to our modern way of life, however. Stop the hate and show some love for robots and automation. Here are 11 things to love about robots.

Improved productivity

Machines work harder and faster than humans without the need for breaks. Automation gets more done in less time.

Increased efficiency

People aren’t efficient. We’re prone to error, there are variances in the way that we do things, and we seldom do anything in the most efficient way possible. Precision and consistency is a robot’s bread and butter.

Robots lower production costs

Having a machine that does the work of 10 human workers saves a lot of money on wages. There’s also less waste since robots are more efficient than human workers. Machines maximize production, which in turn lowers production costs.

Robots make goods more affordable

Increased productivity and lower costs benefit manufacturers and businesses, but they also benefit consumers. Cost savings for manufacturers means cost savings for consumers.

Safer workplaces

Automation removes workers from hazardous work environments. Robots can work in settings that would be harmful to humans: chemicals, pollution, high pressure, radiation, heat, and other dangerous work environments. Machines also help prevent injuries from overexertion, repetitive, motion, heavy lifting, etc.

Safer homes

Home security systems are more common, more capable, more affordable, and more practical than ever before. What used to be reserved for the super wealthy or highly paranoid are now reasonable investments for the average person. Home automation can also help avoid accidents and injuries. Setting your lights on a timer, or installing a motion sensing lights can prevent stubbed toes and bruised shins.

Robots make work easier

Jobs that require hard, demanding physical labor are among the easiest tasks to automate. Machines are made to do the heavy lifting, which means that people don’t have to do it.

More meaningful pursuits

Automating boring, repetitive, trivial tasks frees up human workers to focus on more meaningful types of work. People are still better than machines at tasks that require creativity, adaptability, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence. Robots allow us to focus on more rewarding occupations.

Improved quality of life

Sleep, exercise, a healthy diet, and automation improve your quality of life. Automation makes our lives easier, more convenient, and more rewarding.

Robots aren’t out to get us.

The purpose of automation has always been to better the lives of people. Robots help make our lives, safer, easier, and more meaningful. Sentient killer robots are a problem in the world of science fiction, but on in the real world.

Automation is everywhere.

People sometimes talk about robots and automation as though they are distant and far off things. We sometimes forget that nearly everyone uses automation on a daily basis. Aggregated news feeds, alarm clocks, automatic windows, and self-checkouts are mundane types of automation that we now take for granted.

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