10 Jobs That Could be Done by Robots

Automation provides some great benefits, especially when you’re comparing robots to human workers. Lower costs, more consistency, faster work rates, higher precision, and increased efficiency are just a few of the advantages to employing automated machinery.

If you operate a system that uses Indramat components, you already know just how great automation is. But have you ever stopped to think about how those servomotors could be used in other industries?

The manufacturing industry has been taking advantage of the benefits of automation for years, but as automation technologies advance, robots are being introduced to other fields as well. Here are 10 jobs that could soon be performed by robots.

Drivers – Taxi drivers, chauffeurs, pizza delivery drivers, these are all professions that could be automated in the near future. Self driving cars, like the ones being developed by Google, are being tested and perfected as we speak. One company recently completed a cross-country road trip in a self-driving car.

Chefs – Instead of dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a personal chef, why not hire a robot? This robot has perfected the art of making soup, but is expected to be able to make 2,000 different dishes by the time it’s available for consumers.

Cashiers – Automated checkouts are already being implemented in grocery stores across the globe. It could only be a matter of time before they replace human clerks entirely.

Waiters – A number of restaurants, including Chili’s, have started using tablets instead of humans to take meal orders. Human workers still carry out the food, but this work could easily be done by robots like a modified Botlr.

Baristas -Cornell University’s Robobarista has the skills to make a latte like a pro, and companies like Marley Coffee are establishing automated coffee shops.

Caregiver – Japan has an age crisis. The number of elderly citizens far exceeds the number of young workers, meaning the country is having to look towards robots to perform many jobs. The aging population in Japan has created the need for robotic caregivers.

Garbage Collectors – You’ve probably seen garbage trucks outfitted with gigantic robotic arms designed to lift heavy trash cans. Combine that with a driverless-vehicle technology and you have completely automated garbage collection services.

Telemarketers – This is basically here. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you’ve most likely received an automated voice recording trying to sell you something.

RefereesThis list of 100 jobs that are most at risk and least at risk of being automated places referees at a 98% probability of being automated. Sports referees could be replaced with a collection of sensors and cameras.

Models – This one could be farther off than some of the other professions, but the list mentioned above places modeling at a 98% probability of being automated. Robotic models could be designed to exact proportions and symmetries.