Digital Learning 2.0: Telepresence Robots

The COVID-19 outbreak changed life for a lot of people. While we’re slowly getting accustomed to this change, it will be a while before life can return to the way it was before the pandemic. For example, schools are still trying to determine the best way to resume studies in the fall. Once again, robots… Read more »

Indramat ADF Motor Repair

Indramat industrial motion control products used to be best you could get. Motion control systems that could rival Indramat in the 1970s were few and far between. While Indramat products haven’t been produced in a couple of decades, many legacy Indramat motors run strong to this day. Of course, machines — no matter how well… Read more »

Is Indramat REMAN as Good as New?

Indramat REMAN MKD motor

The first thing you should do if your Indramat motion control system stops working is call 479-422-0390. We are Indramat professionals that can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot your error codes. We can clear most errors through phone support. However, a defective drive, motor, or control requires a repair or a replacement. It may seem as… Read more »

Could Social Robots Help Kids During COVID-19?

COVID-19 changed daily life for people all over the world. While we’re finding new ways to adjust — remote work, digital date nights, grocery delivery services, and getting comfortable wearing masks when we step foot out the door — there are some things that aren’t as easy to work around. How can children socialize during… Read more »

What Causes Servos to Overheat?

There’s a really simple answer to this question: heat causes servos to overheat. OK, but where does that heat come from? All servo motors — even servos that work properly — generate heat. Typically your servos can dissipate enough heat to prevent overheating. They only overheat when something causes malfunction. There are several possible causes… Read more »

Replace Your Indramat Servo Motor Manual

Back in the day, Indramat recommended keeping manuals in the cabinet with your machinery. This made sense; if something went wrong, you could quickly access the manual, diagnose the issue, and clear the problem. However, Indramat products run reliably for decades, which means those manuals were seldom used — and if you don’t use it,… Read more »

Indramat Error Codes: The F3000’s

IndraDrive F3000 error codes

IndraDrive fault codes and error diagnostic messages are annoying, frustrating, and often costly. However, stamping your feet, swearing, and stressing over an error code won’t make you feel better. And it certainly won’t solve the problem. Every minute that your IndraDrive is down because of an error increases costs for your business. You need your… Read more »

How Does Automation Affect Employment?

People have worried that automation will result in an unemployable human work force for more than 200 years. However, history shows us that automation, machines, and robots do not lead to mass unemployment. Instead, automation increases production, eliminates inefficiencies, and leads to new types of work. Robots aren’t taking all of our jobs, but automation… Read more »

Are We Working for Robots?

Robots work for us. They make our work safer and easier. They pick up big, heavy objects, and carry out repetitive tasks for us with precision and efficiency that no human can replicate. We don’t have to worry about machines working in extreme temperatures or in hazardous work environments; that’s what they’re designed to do…. Read more »

Indramat Drive Repair in 3 Easy Steps

The fastest and most convenient way to fix your Indramat drive — regardless of the problem — is to call Indramat repair specialists at 479-422-0390. It’s also the most cost-effective method for Indramat drive repair. Whether you need phone support to clear an error code, on-site support, or a factory repair, we can restore your… Read more »