Why Workers Ignore Factory Safety Rules

We had a phone conversation with a client the other day. Suddenly he shouted, “Put your harness on! Put your harness on or I’ll fire you!” We were pretty confident that he wasn’t talking to us, but we’ve heard plenty of that kind of shouting — workers ignore factory safety rules all the time. Plants… Read more »

It’s Not Always About the Horsepower

There’s a popular idea that bigger is better. If you’re given the option between two cars — one boasts a 400 horsepower engine and the other offers 160 horsepower — you’re supposed to want the car with the bigger engine. What beats raw power, right? Well, there might be times that you want a 400… Read more »

What Does Motion Control Mean?

Advanced Motion Controls’ University Outreach says, “Servo control, which is also referred to as ‘motion control’ or ‘robotics’ is used in industrial processes to move a specific load in a controlled fashion.” Apple is calling its new human gesture controlled devices “motion control.” Are we heading toward a time when “motion control” will mean something… Read more »

Change the Battery on Your SOT!

It would be great if batteries lasted forever. You would never have to worry about your flashlight going out, or your car dying in the middle of nowhere. No longer would you have to watch TV nervously, sitting in constant fear that this might be the moment that the batteries in your remote stop working…. Read more »

Indramat’s S1 Button

Are you familiar with the S1 button located on the back of Indramat drives? It’s important that you know how to locate and when to use Indramat’s S1 button. Indramat’s S1 button is a reset feature. In the 6-minute movie CTRL Z, the hero discovers that he can apply his keyboard’s CTRL Z function to… Read more »

Indramat Fault Code F878

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Indramat fault code F878 is not one of the more common problems with Indramat servo motors, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. When you see an F878 message, you’re looking at a velocity loop error — it’s all about the speed. Understanding Indramat fault code F878 A velocity loop senses the… Read more »

How to Counter Indramat Error F822

We get a couple of calls every week from people who’ve received a Rexroth Indramat error code F822 (error code 22 on Diax02, and F8022 on Indradrive). This is one of the more common Indramat errors. However, there’s a simple way to clear this error code, and it can take just a few minutes if… Read more »

New, Repair, or Emergency Indramat Units?

We specialize in Indramat motion control troubleshooting and repair. Our typical caller has a drive, control, or servo motor that’s not working properly — nobody on the floor knows how to fix the problem. After all, Indramat products rarely fail, and troubleshooting these products is a specialized skill. In fact, it can be difficult to… Read more »

Indramat Fault Code F236

Indramat fault codes are like cold coffee — disappointing, and depending on your current mood, a source of great distress. While a cold cup of coffee can be remedied with 30 seconds and a microwave, fault codes aren’t always easy to fix. Indramat errors can be a costly problem, and sticking your servo controller in… Read more »

Status Diagnostic Messages for Indramat Ecodrive

A message from your Indramat drive controller isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure, sometimes you will see an irritating error code, but diagnostic messages just provide status information for the drive. Here’s a quick look at status diagnostic messages for Indramat Ecodrive drive controllers, and what those messages mean. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat service,… Read more »