Why You Shouldn’t Trust Third Party Indramat Repair

When you need a repair, you’re going to do some research and compare your options. Whether you need repairs done on your car, industrial machinery, or your shoes, you will look at a selection of businesses that can make the repairs. You check their credentials and compare their prices. Price is an area where third party Indramat repair shops really shine, but while price is important, it shouldn’t be the main factor.

Third party repair shops seem like a good choice if you’re making a decision based entirely on initial price; however, that’s a decision that you will end up regretting. You shouldn’t roll the dice on third party repair shops, especially when it comes to Indramat products.

Here are three main reasons why you shouldn’t trust third party Indramat repair.

Third party Indramat repair shops are a gamble

When you take your business to a third party Indramat repair shop, you’re taking a chance.

While it’s certainly possible that they will be knowledgeable, professional, and capable of repairing your Indramat motion control products, there’s also a high probability that they have no idea what they are doing. Owning a repair shop and tinkering with lawn mowers doesn’t qualify you to do Indramat repair.

You don’t want to gamble on something as expensive and important as your industrial motion control system.

Third party repair shops don’t have access to Indramat parts

Indramat — now Bosch-Rexroth — does not sell parts to third party repair shops.

This means that these repair shops have to basically take a MacGyver-like approach to doing these repairs. You don’t want someone “kind of” making repairs to your very important and very expensive machinery.

Third party repair shops use either generic equivalent parts or salvaged Indramat components. Where did they get those salvaged parts? What condition are they in? We will leave that up to your imagination.

That cheap repair not actually less expensive

A lower price tag doesn’t always make for the better deal.

If you pay to have something fixed by someone who doesn’t really know how to make the repairs, you will have to pay again in the future to actually fix the problem. Plus, you will have to pay for whatever additional damages they may have caused with their quick fix solution.

It’s more cost-effective to fix the issue properly the first time.

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It’s possible to get lucky and find a good third party repair shop that knows what they’re doing. They can perform high quality repairs, and they can save you some money in the process. However, there’s also the chance that they will royally ruin your machines. The potential for extra cost is too high, your machinery is too valuable, and the additional downtime is too expensive to rely on a third party repair.

Call us instead. We are trained Indramat professionals, and we can arrange factory repair services that have your restored unit back to your factory within 24-hours.

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