Consider Repair Before Replacing Indramat Products

Repair before Replacing Indramat

Your Indramat servos still have a lot of life left in them. Consider repairing your machinery before prematurely replacing Indramat products. Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat repair, service, and support.

The first iPhone was a technological marvel when it was introduced in 2007. Touch screen, email, internet capabilities, everything that we consider standard and mundane for smartphones today was incredible and groundbreaking back then. A decade and a half later, we’re up to the 12th generation of the iPhone, and the Original iPhone is comically obsolete.

However, there are some who consider the 9th and 10th generation iPhones obsolete. The iPhone 11 may even seem outdated in social groups where people who bought the newest phone last year will replace it for an even newer one this year — and the year after that.

The throw-away mentality

We are constantly replacing things despite the fact that replacement isn’t always the best option. Sometimes replacement isn’t even necessary.

The current generation of smartphones are certainly impressive. They have faster processors and nicer cameras, but the elements that make a smartphone worth having have been in place since they first came on the market; phone, internet, and email are the necessary requirements for a smartphone, and the Original iPhone had it all.

Of course, the current generation of iPhone is substantially more sophisticated than the original. No one would argue otherwise. However, if you purchased the newest iPhone every time a new generation was introduced, you spent a lot of money for incremental improvements.

People buy new things not because they need them, but because they are conditioned to believe that they need them. Pressures from clever marketing, the desire to show social status, and the need to fit in drive us to acquire things we can do without. This is called a “throw-away society”.

Your motion control system isn’t disposable.

The throw-away mindset isn’t limited to phones and consumer goods. It’s a way of thinking that can influence important, expensive decisions, too.

As pricey as phones are, they’re cheap compared to industrial motion control systems. Replacing your servos every time a new motor rolls out, or just because something isn’t quite working the way it’s supposed to, is not a wise business decision. Your legacy Indramat servos can still get the job done despite being a little dated. Don’t think of “legacy” as a word to be embarrassed about; it’s a word to take pride in.

New things are appealing, but they’re only new for a fleeting moment. Your legacy motion control system has sustained your company and served you faithfully for years before it began to cause trouble.

Repairing Indramat products significantly extends the lifetime of your machinery and maximizes your ROI.

Think about repair before replacing Indramat products.

  • Repair keeps you from spending money when it isn’t necessary. Your servos may have been running for the last 30 years, and there’s a good chance you can get another decade out of them before they need to be replaced.
  • Repair is better for the environment. Those old servos have to go somewhere, and there’s a lot of energy and material cost that goes into making new ones.
  • Technology is improving so rapidly that what you buy today could be surpassed tomorrow. Your old machinery is still reliably getting the job done, it just needs a little TLC. Moore’s Law says that you shouldn’t prematurely upgrade because something better is right around the corner.

Indramat servos were built for longevity, but all machinery has a lifespan. You may eventually need to replace your motion control products, but you shouldn’t replace them prematurely.

Replacing Indramat products before attempting repair can be wasteful. Factory repair is the most reliable, cost-effective, and convenient option when your Indramat servos stop working. Call 479-422-0390 for professional Indramat service, repair, or troubleshooting.

We also offer Indramat REMAN services, and we have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat systems. Call for immediate support, or contact us online.