Why Is Your Indramat Cabinet Important?

What do you do if your Indramat cabinet stops working? We see people cooling their industrial motion control systems with box fans, removing cabinet doors, or just ignoring the problem altogether. Running your motion control system without proper cooling is like rolling out the red carpet for error codes, overtemperature warnings, and system shutdowns.

The cabinet for your Indramat motion control system isn’t there to look pretty or occupy space. A working Indramat cabinet ensures that your system runs efficiently and your machinery is protected. The cabinet also helps prevent unscheduled downtime.

Here’s why you need to make sure that your cabinet works correctly.

Protect your control system

Your Indramat cabinet does more than just keep your machinery cool. Excessive heat compromises system performance, and it’s important to keep your servos cool, but the cabinet also protects your machines from other factors that can affect your control system: dirt, pollution, humidity, and moisture.

Minimize downtime

Indramat products are designed to work within specific conditions. You can find the temperature, humidity, and altitude ranges, along with operating specifications in your product manual. A working cabinet helps ensure that your machinery stays within specifications, which reduces unscheduled downtime.

Increase efficiency

Cabinets ensure a controlled environment. Exposing your machinery to changing temperatures, humidity levels, moisture, and pollutants decreases efficiency, and sacrifices system performance. An easy way to maintain optimal performance is to keep your Indramat cabinet in good working order.

Maximize the lifetime of your machinery

Indramat drives, controls, and servo motors can run for decades with little support when used properly. Cabinets reduce exposure to contaminants and moisture, and help keep machinery within appropriate temperature ranges.

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