Why DIY Won’t Save Money on Industrial Servo Repairs

There are three main reasons why people make their own repairs.

  1. Some people enjoy tinkering and and problem solving, and DIY repair is a fun hobby.
  2. Some make DIY repairs because they want to leave their mark and add character to whatever they’re repairing.
  3. Do it yourself repair can save money and reduce waste.

Thanks to the internet, you can find do it yourself tutorials to repair just about anything with a few simple keystrokes. While this is great for hobbyists and thrifty handymen, there are some things that should be left to the professionals. DIY repairs are fine for toasters and end tables, but they aren’t adequate for industrial motion control systems.

1. DIY as a hobby

Industrial motion control systems are far too complex and expensive to take up servo repair as a leisure hobby. If you have a spare motion control system in the attic or tool shed that no one is using, by all means take it apart and put it back together again. However, trying your hand at DIY servo repair on your factory system is like a race car driver trying his hand at auto repair at a pit stop.

2. DIY adds character

Those “authentic” repairs around the house add character, but your servos don’t need any character. They need to be exact and perfect. Industrial motion control systems depend on precision for performance. Do it yourself repairs don’t need to be exact, and they don’t need to be perfect, but industrial motion control and servo repair must be precise. Your business depends on it.

3. DIY saves money

DIY servo repair isn’t a suitable hobby and your motion control system doesn’t need any character or flair. This leaves the money saving aspect of do it yourself repair.

This is really the only reason to try to do your own repairs on a motion control system. However, you probably won’t save money doing your own repairs on your industrial servos.

Is DIY cost effective?

There are many instances when do it yourself repairs are a cost effective option. It’s cheaper to buy a tube of super glue than a new end table, after all. Industrial motion control systems or industrial servos do not fall in this category, however. Downtime in a factory is incredibly expensive, and every second your system is down costs you money.

You can take a gamble, order some parts from eBay, and try to make the repairs on your own, but this doesn’t usually end well.

In the same way that a race car driver can’t make auto repairs as quickly or effectively as a member of the pit crew, DIY repairs for industrial motion control systems will take longer and the results may be suspect. But it’s not the driver’s job to make repairs.

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