Why Competition is Good for Robotics

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Competition encourages people to always bring their best to the table. It spurs innovation and creativity, and helps generate new ideas. Basically, competition helps stimulate an industry by improving the quality of ideas, making ideas and innovations known to the public, and accelerating the speed at which those ideas are used and implemented.

Robotics is a rapidly growing field, and while robotics competitions aren’t solely responsible for advancing technology in the field of robotics, they do help drive the industry.

The number of robotics competitions has been steadily growing over the years. There are tons of robotics competitions on the regional, national, and international level. Whether it’s the DARPA Robotics Challenge or a robotics summer camp for kids, these competitions help strengthen the field of robotics.

There are robotics competitions for every age and skill level – from professional robotics experts who are working on some of the most advanced projects in the world for high stakes, to young school children who are getting their first taste of robotics for nothing but the thrill of it. There’s an obvious advantage to pitting some of the worlds top roboticists against each other in a battle of problem solving and innovation, but there’s also a huge benefit to encouraging children to participate in robotics competitions.

Introducing students to robotics and teaching an appreciation for STEM subjects will help inspire our future workforce. Technologies like robotics and automation are becoming more important every single day. The world will need workers who are not only comfortable with technologies of the future, but who have the desire and skill to advance them.

Another wonderful thing about these competitions it that they bring great minds together. 10 smart guys, isolated from the world, working on their own ideas will generate some good results, but if you have those 10 smart guys meeting up and showing their ideas to each, you will get better results, faster.

We don’t compete in robotics competitions, we just fix the drives, controls, and servos that make robots possible. While the roboticists are responsible for improving robotics technologies, we’re responsible for making sure that your motion control robots stay in good working order. If you need Indramat repair, we’re the people to call!