Why Choose Indramat Reman?

You have a few different options when your Indramat servos stop working. You can look to upgrade your system, which is very expensive. Some people reach out to a low cost third party repair shop, which can also be very expensive, but for different reasons. The best option, however, is Indramat reman. The most reliable, economical, and efficient way to restore Indramat servos is a remanufacture.

What is Indramat reman?

Reman is short for remanufacture. It involves sending your Indramat unit to Bosch Rexroth for a complete overhaul of your defective unit. Unlike a standard repair, Indramat reman restores your unit to a like-new condition.

During a remanufacture, Bosch Rexroth technicians – the closest thing you can get to authorized Indramat technicians – replace all wearing parts and components on your unit. You get new fans, flanges, bearings, encoders, relays – the works.

In addition to new Indramat components, your unit gets a thorough cleaning. Decades of grime and gunk are completely removed, making your servos look shiny and new.

An Indramat reman unit is tested to the specifications that it had to meet when it left the factory with the first go around.

Why choose Indramat reman?

Inndramat reman and reman plus offers the most economical, reliable, and most efficient solution to restore your Indramat system.

Your reman unit comes back with a minimum 2-year factory warranty. Third party repair shops can’t offer this.

Remanufacturing uses replacement Indramat parts. Bosch Rexroth does not sell OEM parts to third parties.

You can be confident in the quality of your repair. Reman is performed by professionals who specialize in Indramat systems.

While not as fast as a standard repair, reman is still faster than replacing your entire system.

Any time you increase the life of your machinery, you increase your ROI.

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