Indramat Repair and REMAN: What’s the Difference?

Indramat Repair and Indramat REMAN

We offer both Indramat factory repair and Indramat REMAN services. If you have a problem with your Indramat products, call 479-422-0390 for immediate support.

Everyone knows what repair means, but many aren’t as familiar with remanufacturing. Maybe you don’t quite know the difference between repair and REMAN, or maybe you’ve never even heard of REMAN before.

Both of these services can get your system up and running again, but the there’s a big difference between the two.

What is Indramat factory repair?

You can’t repair your Indramat products on your own, and you can’t fix them in your factory. The only way to get a reliable repair is through a factory repair.

During Indramat factory repair, the unit is completely disassembled. Everything is tested, all parts and components are examined, and defective parts are replaced to restore functionality.

The repaired unit is reassembled and tested on the stand before being packaged and returned. Indramat factory repairs can significantly extend the lifetime of your machinery, and the repaired unit typically comes back to you with a new one-year warranty.

However, the only parts replaced are those that are failing, or outside of tolerance at the time of the repair. If you want your servos restored to like-new condition, you need an Indramat REMAN.

What is Indramat REMAN?

REMAN, or remanufacturing, is a step above an ordinary repair. While repairs get your servos running again, REMAN actually brings them back to a like-new condition.

With Indramat REMAN, all worn or defective parts and components are replaced. The unit is thoroughly cleaned, and everything is tested to original manufacturer specifications. REMAN units come back to you with a two-year factory warranty.

Is Indramat repair or REMAN right for you?

There are three main differences between Indramat repair and REMAN.

  1. A factory repair fixes or replaces broken parts; REMAN is a complete overhaul that restores the unit to like-new condition.
  2. Both repair and REMAN compares the unit to factory specifications, but REMAN does it with a higher percentage of new parts.
  3. Repair comes back with a one-year warranty. REMAN comes back to you with a two-year extended warranty, reflecting the extra reliability of the remanufacture.

We offer both factory repair and REMAN services for Indramat motion control products. If you’re not sure whether your unit needs a repair or a remanufacture, we can help you make that decision. Contact us online, or call 479-422-0390 for any of your Indramat service or support needs.