What’s Next for Packaging Automation?

Packaging is a very important part of the manufacturing process. Many consumers don’t realize just how meaningful packaging is, however. They think it’s just a box, a wrapper, or a label, but it’s actually much more than that. Packing protects the contents¬† from dust, moisture, UV exposure, and damage. It also provides important information about the product, or legally required information. Packaging also influences a consumer’s decision whether or not to buy a product. In other words, packaging adds value, so manufacturers should pay attention to it.

What will packaging automation look like in the near future?

Recent projections suggest that the global packaging automation market should increase over the next few years. Here are some takeaways from a recent forecast.

Automation reduces costs, increases production, and increases consistency. Needless to say, manufacturers are trying to implement automation anywhere they possibly can. Packaging automation machines require less maintenance and therefore result in less downtime. Indramat servos, which are perfect for packaging,  are as close to maintenance-free machinery as it gets. The improved technology should lead to an increased demand for packaging automation.

Healthcare is the fastest growing market for global packaging automation.

Most big companies already take advantage of packaging automation, but smaller companies may be more willing to invest.

E-commerce is growing, and packaging is important part of online retail. This suggests an increase in demand for packaging automation.

Manufacturers will continue to look for ways to save costs on packaging, but still maintain the value of good packaging.

Keep your system in working condition

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