Indramat Refurbishment: What’s That?

Have you ever used a word that you couldn’t define? Not some antiquated or seldom used word that you might have used just because you heard it in a movie and thought it sounded pretty neat, but a word that you understand without really knowing the meaning. A word that you know how to use in context, but if forced to explain you’d be left speechless.

Or maybe you just use the same word to explain the word. “A refurbishment? Yeah that’s something that has been, uh, refurbished.”

You don’t need a complete understanding of every word in your passive vocabulary, but sometimes having that understanding can give you a better grasp of what it is you’re talking about.

Since we offer factory refurbishments on Indramat servo drives and other Indramat components, we think it’s important that our customers know what that means exactly.

What is refurbishment?

The basic meaning of a refurbishment is that it is a used part that has been repaired for reuse. However, it’s not quite that simple.

A refurbished component isn’t only returned to its original condition, but it’s tested at factory specifications for defects and functionality before it is resold. When you buy a factory refurbished part, you can be confident that you are getting something that is truly like new.

A third party repair guy can’t make the same guarantee. Some fellow who tinkers with electronics in his garage may do a bang-up job of making an Indramat control look shiny and new before selling it on eBay, but there’s no way of knowing what condition it’s in.

You can think of a factory refurbishment like a certified pre-owned car. Yes that car is used, but it has been thoroughly examined by a professional who guarantees that car to be up to manufacturer specifications. A used car without that certification, however shiny it may be, doesn’t come with that same guarantee.

In many cases, refurbishments aren’t just like new, they are actually new. They’ve never been used before being returned to the factory for whatever reason. Many Indramat parts are legacy parts, meaning that they are no longer made new. If you need a replacement, refurbishments are the best option available.