What to Do With an Indramat Fault Code

Most people aren’t experienced with Indramat fault codes and error codes. Indramat systems rarely have problems, which means that you probably don’t know how to clear that Indramat fault code that just popped up.

Fortunately you’re not on your own. We’ve seen every Indramat problem under the sun, and we’ve fixed it. We can help you get your system going again as quickly as possible. So, here’s what to do with an Indramat fault code.

Check your Indramat manual

Sometimes an Indramat fault code is easy to fix in house. Maybe you just need to hit the S1 reset button, or maybe all you have to do is swap out a cable.

Your Indramat troubleshooting guide lists possible causes for fault codes along with remedial actions. These causes are listed in order of likelihood. Start with the first possible cause and work your way down the list.

Give us a call

This is really your best option from the get go. Some people may want to try resolving errors in house, but calling us first typically yields the best results.

If you’re dealing with an Indramat fault code you can fix in house, we can help walk you through the process as quickly as possible. We help clear Indramat fault codes every day. So, as soon as you see an error, pick up the phone and call 479-422-0390.

Calling us at the first sign of trouble also means that we can help identify whether or not you need a factory repair or remanufacture for an Indramat component. It’s not always immediately obvious to the untrained eye when you need a factory repair or reman.

Call 479-422-0390

When every minute of downtime costs your business money, you don’t have a second to spare. We offer Indramat factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround. Call us for immediate Indramat service and support.