What to Do When Your Indramat Servo Motor Isn’t Moving

Clearly something is wrong if your servo motor isn’t moving. That goes without saying. Indramat servos are built to work reliably with little to no maintenance for years at a time. Of course, if you’ve neglected your servos since they were installed back in the 1980’s, they’re long overdue for some TLC. Here’s what you need to do when your Indramat servo motor isn’t moving.

Diagnose the problem

There are a number of things that can prevent an Indramat servo from turning. Your servos might stop moving because the motor gets too hot, the breaking resistor is overloaded, or a something gets in the way of an axis. If the system detects a malfunction that could cause damage to machinery or operators, it will shut down.

The good news is that you don’t have to hunt for the culprit. Your system generates an error code, which will help you diagnose the cause of the fault or error.

You can consult your Indramat manual to learn more about a specific error code, and learn what steps you need to clear it.

We’re happy to provide our customers with Indramat manuals.

Take remedial actions

Your Indramat manual will tell you what that diagnostic message or Indramat error code means. It will also tell you some possible causes for the problem, as well as some remedial actions you can take to clear the fault code.

Sometimes Indramat fault codes and error codes can be cleared with relative ease. Maybe all you need to do is replace a cable or hit a reset button and you’re good to go.

Of course, maybe your Indramat servo isn’t moving because of a serious problem that can’t be fixed in house.

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A fault code is great for telling you what’s wrong with your system, but that doesn’t necessarily give you enough information to resolve the problem on your own.

Maybe you don’t have the skill set to fix your Indramat servos, or maybe you’re at a complete loss and just need someone to fix your servo motor as quickly as possible so you can get the line running again.

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