What to Do About an Indramat System Shutdown

What do you do about your Indramat system shutdown? What you shouldn’t do is panic. Sure, it’s stressful that your system is down, no one seems to know how to fix your Indramat system, and every minute of downtime adds extra financial burden on your business. Panic seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction. However, it’s important to stay calm and take the appropriate actions to restore your system correctly, rather than make a hasty decision that may exacerbate the problem.

Indramat system shutdown? Check the manual first

An Indramat system shutdown comes with a fault or error code. Look up the diagnostic message in your troubleshooting guide and check for the simple fixes first.

Defective drives and motors aren’t the only things that cause Indramat errors. Loose connections, bad cables, and signal interference are common culprits for Indramat faults and error codes. They’re also relatively easy to fix, which helps you restore your system fast.

Get troubleshooting support

Professional Indramat troubleshooting support is the fastest way to restore your system. Some error codes aren’t as easy to clear as replacing an Indramat cable, but they can still be cleared in-house with a little guidance from an Indramat professional.

Call 479-422-0390 at the first sign of trouble with your motion control system. We are professionals who specialize in Indramat products, and we successfully troubleshoot most Indramat error codes directly over the phone.

Repair your Indramat products

People sometimes assume their legacy motion control system is too old for repair, or maybe they don’t want to put more money into an old system. However, repairing your Indramat servos and drives maximizes your ROI and greatly extends the lifetime of your machinery.

You can’t repair your system yourself, though. Indramat products are not designed to be repaired in the field. Instead, send your defective drive, motor, or control in for a factory repair. We offer Indramat factory repair services with 24 hour turnaround. Your restored unit comes back to you with a new factory warranty.

Replace your defective Indramat products

Just make sure that you replace your drive, control, or motor with an identical replacement unit to prevent additional downtime or repairs. We have the nation’s largest supply of Indramat emergency replacement products. As Indramat specialists we can ensure that you get the correct replacement part for your system.

Contact us online, or call 479-422-0390, for immediate support.