What Is a Servo Motor Brush?

What Is a Servo Motor Brush

Everyone knows what a brush is; that’s common knowledge, right? Brushes clean teeth, brushes scrub dishes, and brushes untangle hair. A brush is a brush is a brush. A servo motor brush is a little different, though.

The servo motor brushes used in motion control systems are a little aren’t like the brushes most people are familiar with. If you check your servo for tiny little toothbrushes in the commutator, you’re going to be disappointed.

What is a servo motor brush?

Servo brushes are metal conductors found around the circumference of the commutator in the motor. These brushes maintain the electrical communication between the moving and non-moving parts of the motor. While the brushes don’t clean, scrub, or detangle, they do physically brush against commutator segments to help communicate the electrical signal.

Brushes have been used in servo motors for 160 years. The brushed DC motor was invented in 1856 by Ernst Werner von Siemens. For more than a century, brushed motors were standard.

That change in 1979 when Indramat released the brushless AC Servo motor.

Indramat introduces the brushless motor

Indramat’s brushless motor was game-changing; the AC Servo set the new standard for the motion control industry. Brushless motors offer a couple of big advantages over the old-school brushed servos.

The absence of a physical brush rubbing against the commutator means fewer moving parts and less wear and tear. This means that brushless servo motors have a longer lifespan than brushed motors. The lack of brushes also means less electrical noise.

Brushless motors also offer increased efficiency. Brushed servos typically max out around 85% efficiency. Brushless servos, on the other hand, can crank out over 95% efficiency.

If you run an Indramat motion control system, you work with brushless motors. And even though those motors are built to last, they may need some attention over time.  When that time comes, give us a call at 479-422-0390. We specialize in Indramat systems and offer Indramat troubleshooting, factory repair, and REMAN services. Call for immediate support, or contact us online.