What is a Repair Café?

When something in your home breaks you have a couple of options. You can either toss it and get a new one, or you can have it repaired. If you’re handy, you have a third option of repairing it yourself. Some things can be beyond even professional repair, but more often than not you can fix broken items, extending their life, saving you money, and preventing unnecessary additions to the landfill. Unfortunately, not everyone is handy and some people default to junk and replace. Repair Cafés offer a space where people can learn how to be a little more handy and get the most out of their belongings.

What is a Repair Café?

A Repair Café is a meeting place where people can get together to learn about, and make, repairs. There are volunteer experts on site who provide help and information regarding repairs, and the best part is that it is free of charge. There are basic tools, equipment, and supplies on site, but for more specific repairs, you might have to bring your own supplies. You can bring most everyday items to a Repair Café. Clothing, furniture, appliances, toys, bikes, lawnmowers, quilts, and pretty any other household item.

Repair Cafés aren’t exactly a fix-it shop. You don’t simply drop off broken items and pick them up when they’re ready. A Repair Café provides “an ongoing learning process” where repair experts help educate visitors. If you don’t have anything to repair, and you’re pretty handy yourself, you can stop by and help out. It’s just as much a social meeting place as it is a place to get repairs and learn about fixing items.

Here’s a list of Repair Cafés. Find one near you!

Repair Cafés are great, but…

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