What Do You Do When You Need a New Indramat Part?

Indramat products last a long time. So long, in fact, that you might be a little perplexed if you ever need a new Indramat part; these drives, motors, and controls don’t fail very often, so few know what to do when these products do fail.

There are plants that have used the same servos since the 1980s with no need for repairs. Some of that machinery could be older than the operators working the floor. They won’t necessarily know what to do if they need a new Indramat part or their system needs repair.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Contact us online or call us at 479-422-0390. We specialize in all things Indramat, and we’ve encountered just about any problem that you can think of. When you need a new Indramat part or your machinery needs repair, we can help.

How do you find a new Indramat part?

This is a situation where semantics matter. There really aren’t new Indramat parts anymore. Sure, you can get a drive or motor that is new to you. However, that unit isn’t new in the sense that it was recently manufactured by Indramat. It’s only new in the sense that it’s a recent acquisition for your factory.

In 2001, Indramat became the Electric Drives and Controls Technology Group for Bosch Rexroth, and production ceased. This means that any part with the Indramat stamp is a legacy part; it’s no longer manufactured.

How are you supposed to get a new Indramat part if they aren’t made anymore?

Well, you can’t get a new part unless it’s been sitting unused in a warehouse for a few decades. Even then the term “new” could be up for debate. However, you can get the next best thing: REMAN.

Factory repair and REMAN units

A REMAN unit is, quite literally, as good as new. They’re more than just “like new”; they are tested to original specifications and they come with a two-year factory warranty. So while you might not be able to get a fresh, new part, you can get the closest thing to it from a company that no longer exists.

We offer REMAN services as well as factory repair services, retrofitting, evaluation, and measurement. We also have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the United States. If you need phone assistance, or on-site support, call 479-422-0390, or contact us today.