What Are Error Codes Good For?

You can’t really make the argument that Indramat DKC error codes are a good thing to someone whose machinery has shutdown because of a critical error. You could try, but your words would be met with deaf ears and clenched fists. The truth is nobody likes seeing an error code flashing on the controller’s H1 display, but those error codes do provide valuable information.

Diagnostic messages aren’t always a bad thing

There’s a difference between a diagnostic message and an error code. Your H1 display shows diagnostic messages. This can be operational statuses as well as the fault codes and error codes for your EcoDrive. Yes, errors are scary, but don’t start panicking just because you see a diagnostic message.

Diagnosing the issue

Fixing a problem is the easy part. It’s finding the problem that’s challenging. That’s why error codes are a lifesaver. Indramat DKC error codes take the guess work out of diagnosing your problem. They tell you what’s wrong with your motion control system, which lets you move on to remedying the situation.

Fixing the problem

When dealing with an Indramat error on a DKC drive, all you have to do is check the H1 display and then check the manual.

Your Indramat manual provides information such as causes for the problem and possible ways to clear the error code. If you’ve lost track of your manual over the years, you can request a replacement Indramat manual here. We’re happy to provide you with a manual!

Once you’ve located your error code in the manual, you take the appropriate steps to clearing your fault codes.

Fixing the problem faster

Ultimately, the fastest and easiest way to clear Indramat DKC error codes is to call 4279-422-0390. We are Indramat specialists, and we can help you clear your fault codes and restore your drive as quickly as possible. You don’t have time for downtime. We’re successful in troubleshooting errors and clearing diagnostic messages directly over the phone in most cases. And if your problem requires more hands on assistance, our engineers can help with on-site factory support. Call today!