What about Sidebots?

You’ve heard about robots, you’ve heard about cobots, but what about sidebots? The Wyzo sidebot is a robot designed to work side-by-side with human beings.

Wyzo is a pick and place machine. Healthcare Packaging magazine suggests that the term “sidebot” is a mashup of “sidekick” and “robot,” but we think it could just be a simple explanation of how the Wyzo works.

Sensors are key to safety

Wyzo uses two laser scanners to continuously monitor its environment and track the proximity of human coworkers. If the workers get closer to the sidebot, the sidebot reduces speed. If a human worker steps into a dangerously close range, the sidebot halts all movement.

This safety precaution significantly reduces the chance of injury to the workers doing their jobs beside the Wyzo. It’s small, fast — 90 picks per minute — and much safer than a more traditional industrial robot. It can work at full speed like a fenced robot, but will automatically slow down to a speed more like a typical cobot when human workers are near.

Motion control

Robot, cobot, or sidebot, all industrial automation relies on motion control solutions. Indramat was a 20th century gamechanger, creating some of the best motion control systems on the planet. Many are still in service after all these years.

When you bring in new kinds of machinery, you may still keep your legacy drive and control systems in service. When you need support, we can help.

Factory repair and reman brings components back to you in like-new condition, with a new warranty. You keep your facilities running without adding machinery to the landfills and without unnecessary costly upgrades — save your money for the necessary upgrades instead.

We also offer emergency replacement units, fresh from the factory, to reduce downtime.

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