Watch Out for Dangerous Movements

Industrial machinery helps keep workers safe from harm. We automate the dangerous and potentially harmful things so workers can stay happy and healthy. Machines don’t mind heavy lifting, repetitive movements, or hazardous work environments. Of course, while automation can keep workers safe it also has the potential to do the opposite. It can cause dangerous movements, for example.

The speed and power that makes industrial robots so indispensable to modern manufacturing can also put workers at risk. Here’s what Indramat has to say about protection against dangerous movements.

What can cause dangerous movements?

Dangerous movements may occur for a number of reasons:

  • An incorrect velocity command may result in dangerous movement.
  • Software errors can cause dangerous movements.
  • Sometimes dangerous movements result from mechanical problems and physical malfunctions.
  • Problems with wiring or cables can cause dangerous movements.
  • Dangerous movements may occur due to value or signal encoder errors.

Improper use of components may also cause dangerous movements. This is one of the most common causes of injury involving industrial robots.

Dangerous movements can occur at start up, but they may occur at any time. The biggest issue with dangerous movements is that they happen unexpectedly.

What can you do to prevent dangerous movements?

Indramat drive controller project planning manuals explained that the monitoring devices in Indramat drives make drive malfunctions “almost impossible”.

In other words, Indramat systems are incredibly safe. Still, operators should be aware of the potential for dangerous movements.

Machinery should always be used according to manufacturer recommendations. This may include the use of protective barriers such as fences, railings, covers, or light curtains.

Industrial machinery is safe as long as it’s being used properly, and it is functioning properly. Regular maintenance and inspection can help ensure that your workers stay safe. Contact us for preventive maintenance and inspection for your Indramat industrial motion control system.