Why Use Indramat When There’s Indradrive?

Should you replace Indradrive?

“Indramat,” Bosch Rexroth says, “is now Indradrive.” Bosch Rexroth stopped using the Indramat name twenty years ago. However, the company still makes motion control products under the name Indradrive. This is a tip of the hat to Indramat’s legacy; the company produced the world’s best motion control products for decades.

So why would you continue using Indramat products when you could just replace them with new Indradrive products?

Newer isn’t always better

We tend to associate new with improved. The snap judgement that new things are always better isn’t always accurate, though. There are times when you might replace your legacy system with a new Indradrive system, but it often makes more sense to stick with your current machinery.

Here are just a few reasons why you might choose Indramat over Indradrive:

  • Indradrive products may cost 10 times as much (or more) than Indramat legacy products.
  • You already have Indramat products, and you’d rather repair your machinery than replace it.
  • You already have an Indramat system and the switch would require multiple changes throughout your system; the more that needs to be replaced, the greater the cost.

There are plenty of variations on this, but these three — separately or in combination — account for a lot of potential upgrades.

You rarely get to upgrade a single component of a system. While there are retrofitting options, you may have to replace several products in order to keep your system operational.

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