Understanding Indramat DDS Fault Codes

Indramat DDS

The status indicator on Indramat drives is one of the great features of Indramat motion control systems.  When something goes wrong, you don’t have to waste time guessing and checking at random to diagnose the problem. The error code is clearly displayed, allowing you to take remedial steps and clear the error quickly. Of course there’s a wide range of Indramat drives, and not all error codes are displayed in the same way. Here’s some information to help you understand Indramat DDS fault codes.

The difference between Indramat DDS fault codes and EcoDrive fault codes

Indramat DDS fault codes vary from the popular EcoDrive fault codes. While the information that’s communicated is often the same – motor overtemperature warnings, drive overtemperature shutdown, etc. – the actual fault codes are different.

Most EcoDrive fault codes and diagnostic messages appear as a four character diagnostic number, beginning with a letter and followed by three numbers. The letter indicates the type of message you’re dealing with:

  • Error messages begin with “F”
  • Warning messages begin with “E”
  • Command messages begin with “C” or “D”
  • Status messages begin with “A”

Indramat DDS fault codes appear as a one or two character code. This means that the diagnostic number for DDS drives provides less context than EcoDrive codes alone. However, the diagnostic number still gives you all the information you need to start fixing the problem, and are clearly identifiable with the manual.

Check the H1 status indicator

The H1 indicator displays drive operating status as well as faults in the controller, cables, conductors, motor, etc. It’s located in the upper right on the front of the DDS drive controller.

Keep in mind that you must cancel the error message once you’ve cleared the fault.

  • To cancel the error message for Sercos interface modules use the controller.
  • Hit the S1 reset button on the drive if an analog interface module is used.
  • Hit S1 and the CL key on the control if using a single-axis control card (DLC).

We’re happy to supply our customers with a replacement Indramat DDS drive manual. The manual gives a clear description for DDS fault codes, and offers possible fixes for the problem. For more hands on Indramat support, give us a call at 479-422-0390.