Tips for Installing New Indramat Products

There are a few things that you should know before you replace your Indramat products. We recommend calling for professional Indramat support any time you need assistance with your system. Whether your system just stopped working and you need troubleshooting support, you’re interested in repair, or you need help installing new Indramat products, an Indramat professional ensures the best possible results.

Remember these tips next time you are thinking of installing new Indramat products.

Consult your Indramat manual

If you’re thinking about installing a new Indramat product because of an error code, take a quick look at your troubleshooting guide. Indramat manuals provide a list of possible causes for error codes along with remedial actions; replacement isn’t always the answer.

We offer replacement Indramat manuals for our customers.

Make sure you need a replacement

Your Indramat manual lists the possible causes for your error code in order of likelihood; the least likely cause is at the bottom, so start at the top of the list. You don’t always need to replace your products.

Indramat drives rarely fail, for example. A loose connection or a bad cable are more likely to bring your system to a stop than a defective drive. Replacing your Indramat drive, when it isn’t broken in the first place, won’t fix the problem.

Before looking for a replacement Indramat product, call for professional troubleshooting support.

Always check the type code

If you do decide that installing a new Indramat product is the right decision, make sure that you replace your product with an identical match. Locate the type code on your product and make sure that it matches exactly with the replacement unit. Since Indramat products are no longer being made new, you might need a refurbished unit, or you may need to research the matching item from nee Rexroth products. We can help with both those things.

There’s no such thing as close enough with your Indramat system. Replacing a drive, motor, or control with anything other than an exact match results in additional downtime and cost.

Indramat professionals can make sure that you receive an identical replacement unit.

Call an Indramat professional

No matter where you are in the process — your system just kicked an error code, you need troubleshooting support, you’re looking for a factory repair or Indramat REMAN, or you are looking to install a new Indramat drive — calling an Indramat professional is the most beneficial thing that you can do.

Professional Indramat support saves money and eliminates downtime. An Indramat professional can help make sure that you take the appropriate actions, whether that’s a repair, replacement, or swapping out an Indramat cable.

Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support, and save our number in your phone so professional Indramat support is always just a few taps away.