Things That Scare Manufacturers

Even the bravest among us start to get a little jumpy around late October. Halloween is a time to let yourself be scared. With all of the scary movies playing on repeat and spooky decorations bursting forth from lawns and clinging to houses, there’s plenty to inspire fear and conjure creepy thoughts.

Suddenly that dog howling down the street becomes a werewolf’s blood-curdling yowl. Those sounds of your home shifting and settling can be nothing other than a lumbering attic-loving zombie, or a confused and clumsy ghoul looking to claim his next victim. You can’t recall finishing that bag of chips that is now simply a collection of crumbs, and the only possible explanation is a spectral miscreant, or maybe a rude intruder.

If you work in the manufacturing industry, however, there’s an entirely different collection of things that can keep you up at night.

When you work with industrial robots, things like motor failure, or mechanical damage, are going to instill far more fear than a legion of ghouls or an undead army. Here are a few things that might scare manufacturers.

Rise of the Machines

Robots taking jobs from human workers has been a talking point for more than a century. Automation is becoming more advanced and more capable, making this seem like an increasingly realistic possibility.

Of course, we all know that robots and machines actually improve manufacturing processes and make life easier for manufacturers.

Tales of The Cryptic Fault Codes

Nothing causes a Indramat system operator’s heart to skip a beat like an enigmatic collection of letters and numbers. Fault codes can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know what they’re trying to tell you…

Fortunately, your troubleshooting guide can help walk you through remedial actions for several Indramat error codes. Also, we offer phone support for Indramat faults and errors. Just call us at 479-422-0390.

Downtime From the Black Lagoon

Downtime doesn’t need to hail from the Black Lagoon to be scary. That’s because downtime is one of the biggest financial drains for manufacturers. The longer your machines are down, the greater the expense, and that’s a scary thought.

Restore your system as quickly as possible to mitigate the cost of downtime. We offer emergency repair and support for Indramat systems.

Unscheduled Maintenance From Outerspace

Unscheduled maintenance is kind of like the sequel to downtime. It is the part II, if you will. If downtime is ghost, then unscheduled maintenance is a specter.

The easiest way to prevent unscheduled maintenance and downtime is by keeping up with routine maintenance and regular inspection. This prevents expensive surprises and allows you to plan your downtime when it is most convenient.

We understand that these things can be scary. If you experience any mysterious fault codes, or need any maintenance or repair on you Indramat system, don’t hesitate to call 479-422-0390!