They’re Not Always Error Codes

A pessimist will always see the negative side of things. At times this can be a helpful trait, but it can also cause a lot of unnecessary grief. Glass half-empty types may refer to the H1-display on their Indramat drive as the error code display, for example.

It’s important to recognize that those Indramat diagnostic messages aren’t always error codes. They aren’t always gloom and doom and terrible news. Yes, the H1 display on your Indramat drive tells you when there’s something wrong via error code, but the display provides other valuable information as well.

Diagnostic message does not mean error code

An error code is a diagnostic message, but a diagnostic message is not always an error code.

Your Indramat system provides status information, even when there’s nothing wrong. This information is communicated through the H1 display found on your Indramat drive.

The H1 display shows motor controller, and cable malfunctions, application errors, and invalid parameter malfunctions, but it also displays the operating condition of the drive controller when everything is working just fine.

What is your H1 display telling you?

Error diagnostic message

Indramat error codes begin with the letter F and also include UL Motor Type not Reported and PL Load Paramter Default Value

Warning diagnostic message

Indramat warning messages begin with the letter E. You should resolve these as quickly as possible to avoid downtime.

Command diagnostic message

This includes diagnostic messages beginning with C or D

State diagnostic message

Diagnostic messages beginning with A or J indicate process state.

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We understand why you would refer to your H1 display as the Indramat error code display. That catastrophic system failure that brought your machines down for a week is more memorable than the time your H1 display said, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that everything is fine”.

Diagnostic messages aren’t always error codes, but that doesn’t stop error codes from popping up. When then there is cause for doom and gloom we can help. Call us for immediate support in troubleshooting Indramat error codes.