The Upcoming Warehouse Robot Boom

Civilization is at a point where we don’t even bat an eye at robots and automation in our everyday lives. We expect robots to open and close doors for us. We buy our groceries from robots at the store. Robots are responsible for paying our bills on time, and we casually holler at a robot when we want to know how long we’re supposed to boil eggs, what the largest living organism in the world is, the year that the airplane was invented, or the answer to some other random bit of trivia. Robots are more capable and more common than ever before, and we should expect to continue seeing increases in automation across the board. One recent report predicts a massive increase in warehouse robots over the next six years.

Make room for robots in the warehouse

According to the report from ABI Research, warehouses need to be more flexible, more efficient, and faster due to changes in habits and expectations of consumers. Ecommerce puts consumers in charge. If you can’t offer same-day delivery, shoppers will find someone who does. Automation is the key to fast and efficient fulfillment. Robots allow warehouses to do more with less, and carry out operations faster and with more precision.

So what exactly does this predicted warehouse robot boom look like?

There will be 4 million warehouse robots installed in over 50,000 warehouses by 2025. Estimates suggest that only 4,000 warehouses used robots in 2018. That’s an over a 1,200% increase in the number of warehouses using robots in the next six years.

Warehouse robots will be able fill roles that allow for responsiveness and flexibility, things that automation isn’t traditionally known for. Expect more autonomous vehicles, mobile robots, and sorting robots.

Look towards the future, but live in the present

Predictions about automation can provide useful information, but automation and industrial robots are already essential for many businesses. If you own an Indramat industrial motion control system, you know just how indispensable automation is. Make sure that you take care of your machines. Schedule an inspection or preventive maintenance to keep your servos running smoothly, or clear that warning message that’s been lingering for the past month.

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