The Trouble With DIY Servo Repair

The DIY trend has really taken off in recent years. You can find online videos teaching you how to do practically anything you could ever hope to learn. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a search engine and a can-do attitude, and it’s great that people are taking a hands-on approach towards things, but sometimes doing it yourself isn’t a good idea.

DIY servo repair is fine for toys and gadgets. DIY industrial servo repair, however, is bad idea. Here’s why you should leave industrial servo repair to the professionals.

Exacerbate the problem

We’ve seen first-hand how third-party servo repair shops can make servo problems worse. The duct tape and solder special is a prime example of that.

The performance of your motion control system requires finely tuned machinery in good working condition. A quick fix instead of a proper repair can end up causing more downtime.

Create new problems

An adequate repair can not only exacerbate the original problem, but it can cause further damage to your machinery.

Add expenses

Not only do you have to pay the third-party servo repair guy for a poor quality repair, but you then have to pay to fix the original problem the right way, plus any further damage that was caused by the duct tape and solder special.

Once you add the downtime to the rest of these expenses the costs really start to add up.

You can ruin machinery

Indramat factory repair and reman can bring even the most weathered servos to like new condition. However, tinkering with servos may damage servos beyond repair.

There’s no coming back from a duct tape and solder special. You’ll have to junk your servos and buy new ones.

Voiding warranties

When you get a remanufacture for Indramat units, those units come back to you with a new warranty. DIY servo repair will void this warranty, however.

It can be dangerous

The costs involved with DIY servo repair should alone be enough to discourage you, but it’s also unsafe.

Heavy machinery can be dangerous when used incorrectly, or when it’s not working properly. There’s no faster way to compromise the safety of your industrial motion control system than to try your hand at industrial servo repair.

Get it fixed the right way

Don’t take any chances with your servos. Get your servos fixed the right way, and go with a factory repair or reman. Call 479-4220390 today.