The Robots of CES 2023

This video introduces EBO X smart home robot: your family’s companion, playmate and guardian. the latest developments in robotics at CES 2023

Not in the market for a guardian or playmate? You home can also benefit from Yarbo, a yard work robot that morphs from a lawnmower to a snowblower, a portable power source, a leaf blower, a sprinkler,  a sweeper, and a robotic arm to pick produce n your home garden. Agrist L Robot is a more robust option for picking produce — but apparently only green bell peppers.

Or perhaps you want something more intimate. Enter Fufuly from Yukai Engineering: a pillow that breathes. Among the robots of CES 2023, Fufully might be the cutest. “We believe communication robots will replace smartphones as the most popular form of user interface in the near future,” the makers say. “We will no longer need to manipulate our smartphones with our fingers to instruct machines to do something. Robots will automatically know what tasks to perform and get them done. Robots will become such an integral part of our life that we may not even think about what they are doing.”

Last year, Yukai introduced robotic plush cats that bite fingers. “The charming gesture where pets and babies gently nibble your fingerwith their small teeth. Sadly, you need to harden your heart and scold them for this act,” their website explains. “AMAGAMI HAM HAM frees all humanity from such dilemmas.”

Dog-E is another social robot. Each one has a different, unique personality. You can even set up completely different dogs for each member of the family. Your multiple-personality pooch can be loving a lazy for Dad, playful and protective for Mom, and hungry and energetic for the kids. This is frankly a toy, but it has its own app and will text you its special messages.

Get serious

CES 2023 robots are not all toys and companion robots.

Parky recharges your electric vehicles. Just park your car and call Parky. The autonomous robot will find and charge your car. It’s not clear what it does next. Does it go home and wait for you, carry on to its next assignment, or stay in the parking lot till you call it again  from a new location?

Health minded? maybe you need one of those health and fitness-oriented robots.

  • Neubie is an electric stimulation machine, FDA-cleared and patented. It does something mysterious to help you get fit.
  • Godesign’s BIOT Korean Stem Cell Navigator is “a medical device that maximizes treatment  efficacy by precisely targeting micro-sized scaffold conjugated with  therapeutic material to patients affected area through electromagnetic actuation.” Again, we’re not completely sure what this does.
  • iVolve Pro, a tennis  ball machine or tennis training system, shoots tennis balls to you from all over the court. It will even play tennis with you.

What does this mean for the future?

It’s hard to predict the impact these robots will have on the future of technology and how they could shape our lives. They may affect consumer expectations, which are already pretty high when it comes to robots. We’re not seeing any obvious industrial applications .

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