The Latest in Pizza Technology

The latest in pizza making technology isn’t some fancy type of cheese or cutting-edge pepperoni. It isn’t even an oven or a special mixer. It’s a pizza-making robot. At this point, it should no longer come as a surprise when robots can do something like make a pizza. We’re seeing motion control and automation pop up just about everywhere else, so why not in a pizzeria? Surprise or no, a pizza-making robot is indisputably cool. Where else would you find a robot that makes pizza than in Silicon Valley?

Zume Pizza out of Mountain View, California, uses a couple of robots to automate the pizza making process. You won’t see a pizza-making robot tossing pies, but they are fully capable of dumping and spreading the sauce, and even sliding your pizza into the oven. The company soon wants to implement robots that can knead the dough, sprinkle toppings, remove pizzas from the oven, slice them, and box them as well.

The company is also working on a mobile pizza delivery truck that can bake pizzas en route to your doorstep, and software that can anticipate when and what type of pizza customers want. Zume Pizza founder, Alex Garden says he wants to one day provide 5-minute pizza delivery times.

Zume Pizza says that they automate the repetitive tasks so that they can spend more money on higher quality ingredients. This also frees human workers to do higher value tasks than things that can easily be automated. Using automation to decrease labor costs and free up human workers to do more important jobs. This sounds a little familiar…

While your industrial motion control system can’t make a warm gooey pizza for you, it does something far more important. Automation drives the manufacturing industry. Motion control helps increase production, ramp up efficiency, all while driving down costs and eliminating waste. Manufacturers use automation because robots do some tasks better than humans, and this allow humans to put their focus in higher value work.

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