The Industrial Internet of Things

The Internet is responsible for the unprecedented level of global connectivity we have today. The ease and frequency of communication among people and the speed with which they communicate is truly remarkable. Imagine if all of your manufacturing machinery could be as connected as the Internet. That’s what the Industrial Internet of Things is all about

The Industrial Internet of Things is an offshoot of the Internet of things. The IoT wants to bring that same level of connectivity that the Internet has to everyday objects. There are an increasing number of items that incorporate computer chips and electronics. The idea is that all of those items could be connected and communicate with each other in the same way that computers and smartphones are connected.

A GPS chip in your shoes could alert your home when you’re getting close and turn the lights on for your arrival. People already have the ability to control things like lights or sound systems through their phones and computers, but the ultimate vision for the IoT is to remove phones and computers from the equation. The actual things are doing the communicating rather than being controlled from a screen.

If you apply the idea of the IoT to the realm of manufacturing, the potential outcome is very exciting. The Industrial Internet of Things is inherently more practical than the gimmicky application of lights that turn on by themselves. Industrial machinery already relies on the connectedness and interaction between machines.

When it comes to manufacturing machinery, there are thousands of moving parts that depend on other moving parts being in an exact place at an exact time. Technically that’s already an Internet of Things, albeit a very crude and not very far-reaching network. If the IoT becomes a reality, it will easily translate to industry. Not only will it easily translate, but it will be a more practical application and have a greater impact.

Lights that turn themselves on sound great and all, but they probably won’t be changing the world any time soon.

All-automatic factories are no longer a dream. In the meantime, if you need support for your Indramat and Indradrive components, we’re the guys to call.