The “eco” in Indramat Ecodrive

When you hear the prefix “eco” these days you probably think of the environment. There’s been a growing interest in ecological responsibility, emphasis on environmental stewardship, and a general trend in going green. Consumers and manufacturers are promoting eco-friendly products and packaging in response to an increasing consumer demand for transparency and sustainability. Indramat Ecodrive series came out long before the “eco” trend, and while the “eco” in Ecodrive doesn’t refer to the environment, the longevity of these drives make them a sustainable option.

Economical servo drives

The Indramat Ecodrive series isn’t made out of 100% post-consumer waste. They aren’t upcycled, and they aren’t biodegradable. It’s not “eco” as in eco-friendly, but “eco” as in economical. Indramat introduced Ecodrive as an economical and cost effective means of industrial motion control.

Ecodrive is a compact and versatile drive system that can be used in practically any type of motion control system, including printing, packaging, handling, assembly, and textiles.

Additional benefits include easy installation and assembly, high speed, high accuracy, and unrivaled reliability. It’s the drive for “production with maximum economy”.

What about the other “eco”?

Indramat never made claims that Ecodrive was eco-friendly. They pushed the drives as the economical option above all. That doesn’t mean they’re bad for the environment, however. Indramat drives last an incredibly long time. As we all know, products – such as servos – with short lifespans require consumer more resources than products that last.

Long product lifespans are better for the environment, and Indramat motion control products have some of the longest lasting power of any motion control products you can find. Every time you have to replace a component, you’re using extra resources. Indramat servos can run for decades without maintenance, but when it’s time for maintenance or repair, just give us a call. We’re Indramat specialists, and we can restore your Ecodrive, or any other Indramat components, to be as good as new.