The Dos and Don’ts of Indramat Batteries

Is it time to change your Indramat battery? Some people don’t even realize that their Indramat motor or Indramat control uses a batteries. These batteries last about 10 years, so if the guy who used to change the batteries on your Indramat system retired 9 years ago, you’re nearly due for an unexpected surprise. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do with Indramat batteries.

F248 error

An Indramat F248 error code indicates that your battery is almost out of juice. The F248 low battery voltage warning generates once the voltage falls below 2.8 volts.

You need to replace Indramat batteries before they completely lose a charge. There’s a two week window to swap out your battery starting at the time the diagnostic message popped up.

Disposing of your batteries

Don’t toss your batteries in an incinerator or any type of fire. Exposing batteries to these extreme temperatures may cause them to explode.

Don’t toss your Indramat batteries in the waste bin, either. Batteries for Indramat systems aren’t like your typical double or triple A’s. They’re considered hazardous materials.

Properly dispose of Indramat batteries. You can contact your local recycling center for specific information on recycling batteries in your area.

Tinkering with your batteries

Don’t take your battery apart. It’s great that you love to fiddle with electronics, but save your tinkering for the toasters. Don’t try to bring your battery back to life or open it up to collect battery parts. This can cause injuries and damage your machinery.

Also, do not heat your Indramat battery. Heating your battery will not provide extra battery life. It will just put you at risk of being injured by an exploding battery.

Rechargeable batteries are great, but Indramat batteries are not rechargeable. This means that you should not attempt to recharge your Indramat battery. Trying to recharge batteries that aren’t rechargeable may cause them to leak or explode.

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