The Curse

“This is the ‘curse’ of having products that last so long!” said a Rexroth moderator in a forum on troubleshooting Rexroth motion control systems.

A visitor had asked about Indramat products, specifically MAC motors. He needed a manual, and couldn’t find the one that had come with those servos decades ago when they were first commissioned.

A common problem

Many people can’t find their Indramat manuals when they need them.

Indramat components rarely need service, as the moderator pointed out. You’re not grabbing your manual every few days to deal with some issue. In fact, the person who decided where to store those manuals in the first place probably isn’t around to ask. The visitor probably never met that guy, and possibly wasn’t born yet when the Indramat MAC servo motors were installed.

That’s the “curse” the moderator was referring to. Indramat components need service so rarely that sometimes nobody int he factory even knew it was there, let alone how to fix it.

The moderator didn’t remember the MAC servo motors, in fact. Before his time. Rexroth acquired Indramat in 1965. All new Indramat devices are Rexroth devices now. The Indramat name is no longer used, but the Indradrive and Indralogic names used by Rexroth hark back to the Indramat company.

The manual?  It might be in a safe place, where no one will ever find it. Or it might have been eaten by mice. Who knows?

An easy solution

Fortunately, we have manuals for all Indramat components. Fill out the simple form at our Manual Request page and we will send you the correct manual by email.

What’s more, we can help with any service or support needs for Indramat motion control. Factory repair and reman or replacement with factory remanufactured parts will extend the life of your Indramat components — probably for years to come.

Call us at (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.