The Cost of Downtime

We are Indramat specialists, providing factory repair and reman for Indramat components. We are not usually the cheapest option when you need service and support for Indramat motion control systems. That would be eBay for cheap but unreliable replacements, or your local third-party repair shop for cheap but unreliable repairs.

But are they really cheap?

When we’re not the first call

We recommend that you call us first when you need Indramat support and service. Sometimes we get calls from people who have already called someone else first. They usually have already spent some money, either on third party repairs or on the lowest priced replacement item they could find.

At this point, they’ve voided their warranty, and their machine still isn’t working. What’s more, they are still going to have to spend more money. They’ll have to spend as much on top of their initial expenditure as they would have if they had called us in the first place.

So let’s say that they would have spent $5,000. Instead they bought a $2800 replacement component and paid $1800 for the local handyman they brought in to help configure the component.

That didn’t work. At this point, they don’t know what part didn’t work, but they don’t have a functional factory, that’s for sure.

They’ll still have to spend the $5,000, but they will have spent nearly $10,000 wit the shipping and handling costs.

And that’s not all!

Their facility has not been running for days. The cost of that kind of downtime is hard to estimate. In fact, the International Society of Automation estimates that 80% of us don’t even know how much downtime costs us.

It certainly has an opportunity cost, since we’re not producing anything. We’re still paying utilities and at least some labor costs. Aberdeen strategy and Research claims that the average cost of downtime each hour is $260,000.

We can’t confirm or deny this number, but we know it adds up to a lot. Calculate your downtime cost and add it to the total when you calculate the true cost of that cheap solution.

Or call us first

We’re Indramat specialists we’ll get you back up and running fast with factory reman and repair.