The Benefits of a Modular Design

modular design in building blocks

There are examples of modular design everywhere you look. It’s in computers, electronics, machinery, and automobiles. You can find it in architecture, military backpacks, and children’s toys. Even Indramat motion control systems incorporate a modular design. You find modular systems in so many different places because of the simplicity and convenience of a modular design.

What is modular design?

A modular design divides one overall system into several smaller systems called modules. These modules can be added, removed, replaced, or improved depending on the specific functions and needs.

Think about a set of building blocks. You can add different pieces in different places to create something that suits your needs of preferences.

Military backpacks have detachable pockets, compartments, and organizers to meet the needs of the user.

Indramat motion control systems allow you to swap out modules for service, repair, or upgrade.

The benefits of Indramat’s modular design

You get unrivaled performance, efficiency, and longevity with Indramat products, but switching out parts, devices, and Indramat components is easy as well. Here are a few key benefits of a modular motion control system.

Easily replace broken components.

Indramat’s modular design means less downtime. Pop in a temporary replacement drive while yours is replaced, or seamlessly upgrade products.

Upgrade individual components without overhauling your entire system.

Modular systems allow you to upgrade components and stay competitive as technologies advance. While this is a nice feature, there are exceptions. Compatibility issues may arise when you replace individual components. However, it’s fairly simple to ensure that you have the right parts in place to accommodate upgrades; just call an Indramat specialist.

You get a custom fit with modular systems.

Choose from a wide selection of Indramat parts and components to fit the specific needs of your business. Indramat motors come in a range of power ratings. You can also run multiple Indramat drives through a single Indramat power supply module.

Call us for any of your Indramat repair, service or maintenance needs!

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